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On October 20, 2023, the Academy for International Politics NRW hosted a book presentation that brought together prominent figures from the fields of academia and local politics. The focal point of this event was the book “Handbook of Political Islam in Europe,” published by Thomas Jäger and Ralph Thiele in Springer.

The guests received a warm welcome from Dr. Mayssoun Zein Al Din, the Academy’s Director, and Prof. Ulrich Schlie, Director of the Center for Advanced Security, Strategy, and Integration Studies (Cassis).

This comprehensive handbook provides an in-depth analysis of the ideology and dissemination of political Islam in over 20 European nations, viewed from the perspective of European security. It encompasses detailed country-specific studies and case analyses authored by distinguished experts who identify key players within the realm of political Islam and shed light on their activities, resources, and strategies. Special attention was given to examining how political Islam could influence the Western liberal democratic order and its values.

The event made a significant contribution to deepening the understanding of political Islam in Europe and concurrently fortifying the resilience of liberal-democratic societies. Discussions regarding mechanisms to safeguard against radical ideologies added a vital dimension to this significant gathering.