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Gain insights into the central subject areas of international politics, the work of our fellows and the academy

Academy Magazine

The AIA Magazine’s first issue aims to provide insights on the activities of the academy, featuring contributions by our fellows as well as from renown experts in the field of international politics on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, geopolitical challenges, international relations and cooperation. The Magazine is published annually with a circulation of 600 copies.

Category: Magazine
Publishing year: 2023
Language: English

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Publications by fellows that were produced during their time here at AIA:

Sentiment Shifts and a New Approach to Strategic Narratives Analysis. Russian Rhetoric on Ukraine

Pupcenoks, Juris/ Fisher, Scott/ Klein, Graig (2024):

Demokratizatsiya. The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 32 (1), pp. 85-112

A Society Under Pressure. Internal Vulnerabilities and Multiple External Risks, in: Mörner, Ninna: A World Order in Transformation? A Comparative Study of Consequences of the War and of the Reactions to These Changes in the Region

Shupac, Inna (2024):

Södertörn Universitiy, Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES): CBEES State of the Region Report, pp. 186-191

Moldova’s National Security Strategy and societal cohesion, in: Douglas, Nadja (Ed.): Old Fears and New Threats: Insecurity and Societal Cohesion in Russia’s Neighbourhood

Shupac, Inna (2024):

Security Report Series, 2024 (1), Kon Koop at Centre for East European and International Studies (ZoiS) gGmbH, pp.22-26

Why the EU silence on why Orban’s €10bn was unblocked?

Teczár, Szilárd (2024):


Épp az EU kért nagyobb béremelést a tanároknak, mint amit a kormány tervezett

Teczár, Szilárd (2024):


The EU just asked for a bigger pay rise for teachers, than the government has planned

Teczár, Szilárd (2024):