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Historical, Comparative, and Critical Perspectives

The aim of this workshop is to contribute to the global study of artificial intelligence (AI) from the postwar to the present. It will bring together intellectual historians, political theorists, and sociologists in order to investigate the political theories and world order visions conveyed by historical and present-day AI technologies; to compare them across contexts; and to reflect on the challenges raised by such comparisons.

The workshop will, firstly, explore narratives about technological development and regulation across geographical, social, cultural, and historical contexts, tracing the variety of political concepts and languages informing them; and, secondly, help clarify the conceptual, historical, and sociological features of dominant AI discourses and contestations. The workshop will contribute to scholarship on technology and international though, and on the political and moral implications of AI.


Apolline Taillandier
Postdoc Research Associate at the Center for Science and Thought (CST),
University of Bonn, Germany


Lisa Hartmann
Events and Public Relations Officer

Photo: iStock, LagartoFilm

Academy of International Affairs NRW, Rheinallee 24, 53173 Bonn, Deutschland


By invitation

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