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Inna Șupac

March - October 2023

Challenges of the neutrality status: is it able to guarantee the country's security in new realities? Case study of the Republic of Moldova

Russia's war against Ukraine was a trigger for Finland and Sweden to abandon their militarily non-aligned status and apply for NATO membership. Denmark decided to abolish the 30-year-old opt-out clause related to EU defense as the outcome of the national referendum. 50 prominent Austrians published an open letter arguing that “the status quo of our security policy is not only unsustainable but dangerous for our country”. Malta’s and Ireland’s neutrality also sparked public debates. Discussions about neutrality and its content have also become part of the political debate in the Republic of Moldova, while the majority of public opinion is against NATO membership. This project investigates to what extent the neutrality status is able to guarantee the country’s security in new realities and explores the possibility to obtain international guarantees for the neutral status of the Republic of Moldova.


Inna Șupac works as an expert at the Institute for Strategic Initiatives (IPIS) from the Republic of Moldova. She has extensive experience in public policy development, research and advocacy activities in the areas of good governance, human rights, interethnic relations, and conflict resolution. As a civil society activist, she co-hosted a weekly talk show analyzing policy reforms and promoting social cohesion.
Prior to this, Inna was involved in politics as a member of parliament for ten years. At various stages of her parliamentary activity, Inna was chair of a parliamentary group, vice-chair of the European Union – Moldova Parliamentary Cooperation Committee and a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. She participated in the European Union Visitors Programme designed for young leaders and opinion-formers.


Selected publications

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Institute for Strategic Initiatives’ blog, December 2022

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POLIS 180 thinktank, May 2020