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Space Policy and Economy Raúl González Muñoz

June - December 2024

Implementation of the European Union Space Defence & Security Strategy: Key Challenges and Enablers

This project looks to identify and analyse the key challenges and enablers encountered in the implementation of the European Union Space Strategy for Security and Defence, unveiled on March 10, 2023 by the European Commission and the High Representative (HR) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell.
This project will focus in four main areas: (1) space industrial capacity of the EU; (2) space industry frameworks in Europe compared to USA analogues; (3) space market harmonization in Europe supported by a shared space law; and, (4) space as a vector for European integration.
The final aim of the research is to provide a structured analysis with a particular focus on the industrial capacity of the European space sector compared to other space faring powers, as well as the dynamics of great power competition in space and the role Europe could play in the future geopolitical landscape.


Dr Raúl González Muñoz is a Lecturer in Space Policy and Economy at the University of Leicester (UK) and a Research Fellow on the Geopolitics of Outer Space at the Academy of International Affairs NRW (Germany). He is also a Board Member of the Spanish Association for Aeronautical and Space Law AEDAE (Spain). Prior to his current positions he was a Scientific Project Lead in Capgemini Engineering and a member of the Space Task Force at the European External Action Service in the European Commission. He holds a PhD in Aerospace Manufacturing from Cranfield University (UK), developed in close collaboration with Airbus, and has conducted studies in Sciences Po University (France) and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). His research focuses on space policy and economy, space security and defence and European strategic autonomy.


Selected publications

Dr. Raúl González Muñoz and Dr. Clara Portela The EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence: Towards Strategic Autonomy?

SIPRI, Stockholm: June 2023