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Political Science Reza Hasmath

May - July 2024

How China Currently Sees the World and Implications for Global Actors

This project looks at how the Chinese citizenry currently think about the world, and its implications for future foreign relations with Western jurisdictions. It draws upon hard to access representative data from the 2023 and 2024 Chinese Citizens’ Global Perception Surveys (CCGPS) conducted by the Investigator. The CCGPS look at mainland Chinese citizens’ perspectives on China’s current relations with global actors, including, Australia, Canada, EU, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, UK and USA.

The project will examine four key areas of analytical interest: (1) Chinese citizens’ global perception of trusted partners, and those jurisdictions that may be more antagonistic in the near future; (2) views on China’s global roles; (3) preferences for foreign tourism, study, work and emigration; and, (4) Chinese citizens’ sources and knowledge of global jurisdictions.

The ultimate aim of the project is to provide timely, data-driven evidence that can assist key stakeholders to develop targeted and considered strategies for enlightened and productive engagement with mainland China.


Reza Hasmath (Ph.D., Cambridge) is a Full Professor in Political Science at the University of Alberta. He has previously held faculty positions at the Universities of Toronto, Melbourne and Oxford, and has worked for think tanks, consultancies, development agencies, and NGOs in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and China. His award-winning research examines how the behaviour of emerging Chinese state and non-state actors potentially affect salient theories, practices and assumptions in international affairs.


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