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The first event, the Summer Academy ‘Artificial Intelligence and International Politics’, has already taken place. The Academy held a discussion with members of the scientific and diplomatic communities about the role of Artificial Intelligence in international relations. Individual lectures were broadcast online in a livestream and are now freely available as video or audio recordings.

A select group of younger scientists, scholars and diplomats met renowned experts at the Summer Academy ‘Artificial Intelligence and International Politics’. Speakers included Prof. Kristian Kersting from the Technical University of Darmstadt, the Bonn Humboldt-Professor, Prof. Aimee van Wynsberghe, and Prof. Christopher Coker of the London School of Economics and Political Science. The discussions addressed the civil and military development of Artificial Intelligence and the already intense global rivalry between states. ‘In the Summer Academy we have, right at the start, focused on an urgent global topic from different disciplinary and cultural perspectives,’ said the Executive Director of the Academy of International Affairs NRW, Dr. Mayssoun Zein Al Din.

You can download the programme of the Summer Academy here:



By invitation (select events available by livestream)