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Russia’s renewed aggression against Ukraine on 24 February 2022 has highlighted the return of large-scale military violence to Europe and upended the peace dividend that the continent reaped since the end of the Cold War. Scholars and observers were quick to point out that the war has become ‘a turning point’ for the EU and the Euro-Atlantic security. On the one hand, EU member states and NATO allies have shown a surprising degree of unity by providing Ukraine with unprecedented levels of assistance with many European countries reconsidering their long-standing defence policy choices. On the other hand, a modern European history knows no shortage of external shocks and triggers – from the war in Yugoslavia and 9/11 terrorist attacks to Russia’s invasion of Georgia and the annexation of Crimea – which arguably did not lead to a radical transformation of European foreign, security and defence cooperation. Is this time different?

The objective of this workshop is to investigate the impact of the existential military threat on security and defence cooperation in Europe. Is the war a game-changer for European security and continental balance of power? Will the war spark further integration in EU security and defence policy? What does Russia’s war against Ukraine mean for the future of NATO and the US commitment to European security? These and other questions will be addressed throughout several rounds of discussions consisting of academic scholars, policy experts and practitioners.


Dr. Iulian Romanyshyn, Fellow, Academy of International Affairs NRW (View Profile)


Lisa Hartmann
Events and Public Relations Officer

Academy of International Affairs NRW, Rheinallee 24, 53173 Bonn, Germany


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Dr. Iulian Romanyshyn, Fellow, Academy of International Affairs NRW, Bonn, Germany

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