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Europe is once again facing a crossroads: Will it lose importance in the face of the global changes and shifts in power that have been evident for some time now, or will it be able to gain influence on future regional and international orders once again?

Much depends crucially on whether the states in Europe, predominantly organized in the European Union and NATO, can agree on common interests and objectives in the face of global dynamics. On a common basis, they could, alongside the U.S. and China, bring to bear their own strategic ideas about future regulatory frameworks. The launch conference for the new CASSIS research framework will explore future challenges for Europeans. The following questions and aspects will be considered: To what extent do EU members need to fundamentally realign EU structures and policies in light of the new framework (including flexibilization, partial membership, neighborhood policies)? How will the potentially suitable states change their patterns of cooperation and action in the sense of joint leadership for the benefit of Europe? How do Europeans want to actively shape their relationship with external partners in the future in terms of their own strategic interests? What role can Europeans still play in reshaping the future international order in line with their preferences for multilateralism and Western democratic values?

Universitätsforum, Heussallee 18-24, Bonn



Cooperation partner:
Institute of Political Science and Sociology/CASSIS (University of Bonn), University of Warsaw, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

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