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Political Science Iulian Romanyshyn

August 2022 - Mai 2023

The Impact of Russia's war against Ukraine on a European Security Order

Relations between the EU and NATO represent something of a paradox. That these two organizations existed separately made perfect sense during the Cold War, when one provided internal prosperity and the other external security. However, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the changing landscape of security threats as well as increasingly overlapping tasks and resources have exposed concerns about an optimal mode of the inter-institutional coexistence. Since the early 2000s, the leadership of the two organizations defined their relationship as a strategic partnership. At the same time, officials and diplomats regularly stress the unrealized potential of the partnership, while analysts explain the lack of substantial cooperation between the two bodies with their mutual suspicion and stalemate in the high-level political dialogue. This project investigates the driving forces behind the increased EU-NATO ties by asking whether, to what extent and how Russia’s aggression against Ukraine opened avenues for enhanced relations between the two institutions.


Dr. Iulian Romanyshyn ist Fellow an der Academy of International Affairs NRW und Senior Fellow am Center for Advanced Security, Strategic and Integration Studies (CASSIS) an der Universität Bonn. Zuvor hatte er Forschungs- und Lehraufträge an der New York University, der Universität Maastricht, der Freien Universität Brüssel und dem Europäischen Hochschulinstitut inne und war Forschungsstipendiat an der Karlspreis-Akademie und dem NATO Defense College. Zu den Forschungsinteressen von Iulian Romanyshyn gehören die transatlantischen Sicherheitsbeziehungen, die Sicherheits- und Verteidigungspolitik der EU, die Sicherheit am Schwarzen Meer und die Beziehungen zwischen der EU und der Ukraine.
Iulian Romanyshyns Forschung wurde mit dem Global Strategy PhD Prize 2018 des Egmont Institute for International Relations und des European Security and Defence College ausgezeichnet.
Iulian Romanyshyn hat einen Doktortitel in Politikwissenschaft von der IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca sowie Master- und Bachelor-Abschlüsse von der Universität Maastricht, dem College of Europe (Brügge) und der Akademie der Nationalen Universität Kiew-Mohyla.


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Iulian Romanyshyn How to achieve the EU’s strategic autonomy in security and defense while upholding the transatlantic alliance?

Charlemagne Prize Academy